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  1. Tribute to cleaning
  2. Second-hand archeology
  3. A piece of me
  4. Where I belong


    A. Time for butter
    B. You won’t break me

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5. You won’t break me

You won’t break me

Eindhoven / 2020
Glass blowing by Gert Bullée

             You won’t break me, is a set of fragile glass vases, showing what happens when we are pushed to our limits. In today’s society, we live in a constant pressure, where we are pushed to always be effective and repeat our tasks endlessly. This lead in the recent year to a growing number of burn-outs from overworking ourselves.

In the glassblowing process, moulds are used over and over again to acheive the exact same result. When the mould starts to break down, it is thrown away and replaced with a new one. These vases are the result of the the breaking process. Each of them evolving, as the mould breaks more and more with eash blow, creating unique and naive pieces, that can never be reproduced a second time.