Interdisciplinary design
studio, focused on design
research making sensitive
products from human stories. 

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Selected projects 

  1. Tribute to cleaning
  2. Second-hand archeology
  3. A piece of me
  4. Where I belong


    A. Time for butter
    B. You won’t break me

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2. Second-hand archeology

Eindhoven / 2021
Graduation Project

   ‘Second-hand Archaeology’ is an upcycling service giving discarded objects a new life. The service focuses on discovering the past of abandoned objects found in second-hand stores and applying their stories physically back onto them as a surface treatment. In this way, a plain blanket will visually showcase the context in which it was made and used, making it ready to be wanted, valued and used again by providing the future owner with an emotional link.

The upcycled products can be acquired from a digital platform, which also offers a space where one can respectfully dispose of objects no longer wanted. This process can go on endlessly, adding new stories to the objects that continue to live their own lives.

Object n°3